Intentional Decision Making vs Mercy

  The judge was about to slam His sentence, my head hung low. I was ashamed and still in shock as to what was happening. One minute everything was fine, life was good, I had a job, family, friends etc., and then suddenly…there was sheer chaos and absolute madness everywhere.

How did I get here? I had emotions of unbelief, denial and anger! Extreme anger. I quickly realised that dwelling in that state of anger had no benefit to me, or the situation I was about to enter.

As the judge began to pronounce judgment, my heart sinking, stomach tightening and tears overwhelming my eyes, a tall man suddenly entered the courtroom. Disrupting my thoughts on what my sentence would be, he walked in quietly, but majestically. He had to be someone important, the whole courtroom was fixated on Him. He walked straight over to the judge and handed Him a document. There was some unsettlement and whispers in the courtroom as the lawyers tried to understand what was going on. My heart only thinking things could only get worse! Was there any point in praying at this time?

The tall majestic looking man quickly left the courtroom and there was still this silence and unnerving feeling. No one was telling me what was going on! The silence, which felt like an eternity, as I looked at the clock, was only about 5 minutes.

The Judge called my name and said I was free to go. He went on to say the court thanked me for my time and on this occasion my crime had been pardoned! Huh? What?

I couldn’t really fathom what He was saying, I saw His lips moving, but couldn’t make out the words, I could just hear echoing sounds as if I were near the ocean. Miss Moduol, Miss Moduol, Miss Deborah Moduol!! “Yes Your honour” (for a few seconds I was lost in the whole ordeal), I couldn’t believe what was going on. My emotions were all over the place. ‘Can you hear me? ‘Yes your honour’, ‘you are free to go’.

What did He just say, I was free to go, my crime pardoned? So I could walk out? I didn’t understand, surely this wasn’t allowed. The rule to life as I had been taught was, you make a mistake and you must pay with a sentence. It was very simple and certainly didn’t involve being pardoned and set free.

But here I was standing in the courtroom and the Judge had waived my judgment, just like that.

As my handcuffs were taken off and I was walked out of the courtroom tears of unbelief, confusion and joy rolled down my face as I hugged loved ones and smiled with joy.

How did I get here? How had all this happened?

Dear you, please remember that no one makes an intentional decision to make a mistake, no one makes a decision to lose their jobs, no one makes the decision to marry the wrong person and no one makes a decision to be a in a court room on a Monday morning for sentencing. However, we all make those small, sometimes, unintentional decisions to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To, lower our integrity a little, to give in a tiny bit, to go against our conscience, to go against our values, to lower our guard.

It is our small, sometimes, unintentional decisions that lead to our mistakes, our trials and sometimes even our victories. Be intentional. Remember there is mercy and we pray mercy overrides judgment.


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