Don’t Quit

Sometimes it feels like marriages across the world are just in shambles. Seriously, every social media post or even news is discussing some sort of break up, dissolved marriage, messy divorce or spousal #slagmatch.

I read a post which said, ‘it’s not that there are so many failed marriages, rather marriages are like planes, you only hear about the ones that crash.’

Hmmmm food for thought indeed. However, marriages are failing and it’s disheartening. But why? I don’t think it’s because fairytales aren’t having their happy endings, but because marriages are key to society and the enemy knows that. Especially if you are of faith, you will understand that successful Godly marriages are key to how successful our communities, societies and economies function.

I’ve also seen a video online about a man who said he cannot just simply quit his marriage, because he put so much time, sweat and effort into it. It made me think, maybe we quit things because they’re not relevant to us, maybe because we haven’t really invested our time, maybe because we haven’t invested our effort (blood sweat and tears), maybe because it isn’t important.

Whatever you invest your time in must be important to you and before you even think about hitting the quit button, ask yourself are you willing to give up what you put in?


I ask God for grace everyday for my future marriage and husband. Yes I’m married already, but right now the marriage is sweet lol (and I pray it will be forever), but of course there will be a time things are not so good and that’s why we should pray in advance. Pray for grace and strength to handle things that may come our way.

I can’t quit. I put in too much. Too many midnight prayers. Too many tears on my pillow. Too many binding of ancestral demons. 😂🙈 Too many bible studies. Too many thoughts. So much time effort, energy and time. My legacy and children’s legacy depends on the success of my marriage.

Dear you, whatever it is you’re doing, don’t quit. Don’t let the bad guys win. Don’t let the enemy smirk. You can do it!! You were born to succeed and thrive in whatever it is you set your mind to. Light is always at the end of the tunnel. As for relationships, don’t quit on what you have a promise and covenant to keep! If you’re not yet on the marriage journey, ask God to help you learn how not to quit in whatever He has called you to be involved in. Grace and strength is available. God help us

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