Something incredible happened to me on a particular Thursday morning. I had checked the weather forecast before leaving for work and there was a 65% chance of rain! My heart sank, not so much because of the rain, although the rain when mixed with UK travel and mood swings is usually a recipe for disaster. However, I was more upset about the hefty long umbrella I had to log around with me during rush hour!

Yes, I’m the girl who doesn’t like to get wet and I certainly won’t put a bag over my head! Newspaper maybe, but 5p plastic carriers bag…no way!

I have a bittersweet relationship with my umbrella. You see I use one of those ones from sports direct, the cheap ones that initially look like they will last forever, like some sort of weather weapon, until that is…..a gale swoops up and turns it inside out and completely embarrasses you!

But it does the trick and keeps me dry. Its one of those long ones that can be very annoying if used during rush hour on London transport. Don’t get me wrong I do love being nearly all covered with my big umbrella and having that smirk on my face when others walk with their tiny umbrellas. Ha Ha ha – that’s my attempt at a chuckie type laugh! Lol I have always wondered what the point was of having a small umbrella… it just doesn’t make sense, but hey…whatever floats your boat!

On this particular morning I rushed to get on my train, I was unfortunately on this occasion one of those who thought it was necessary to get on the train even if it meant pushing others. Don’t judge me, you’ve done it as well.

As I rushed onto the packed train my umbrella fell, hitting a man in front of me (remember it’s a long umbrella). I was so embarrassed and the train was so packed that I couldn’t bend down to pick it up. I knew it was going to cause some havoc as people tried to get on and off at the next stop! I had exactly 2 minutes and 53 seconds to think about what I was going to do and how I would pick up my umbrella. Maybe I could just leave it and get off at my stop pretending the umbrella wasn’t mine? Like I said, don’t judge me.

At that moment a man who I initially thought had been upset at me for pushing him as I initially got on the train and was possibly even hit by my umbrella as it fell down, bent down and helped me pick it up.

“Sorry, excuse me, I think you dropped this.” With a bright warm smile, the lovely gentleman handed me my umbrella.
If that wasn’t kind enough he continued to utter five important words of life. Five words that resonate with my core being and remind me of why we go through trials and why our work on earth is about service to others, much more than we think.

As he handed me my umbrella and I said “thank you”, he replied, “It happened to me yesterday”.

The circle of life!

For those that haven’t yet clocked on, I’ll explain.

You see that’s life. That’s what makes the world go round, one person helping another, one person understanding another’s story, each of us telling our stories, each one of us listening more and judging less, each one of us repeating the cycle of love and most importantly each one of us bending down to help those in positions we once were.

Dear you, this week, open your eyes a little wider, open your heart a little more, think about where you are now and where you’ve been. God has pulled you out for His glory and for you to remember to help others. Go on, bend down and pick up someone’s umbrella and watch the life cycle bloom!!!


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