Marriage is not necessarily a thing to aspire to be or something to obtain


Marriage is something you become, remember the word – 2 become 1 – it’s actually not a joke!!!

As a culture, we seem to have ensured marriage is on our bucket-list, our things to do before I’m 30, 40 list and that I believe has created a world of problems. Although, it has created an enormous amount of jobs in the events, services and catering sectors!

We’ve even added ‘getting married’ to the next stage of life as if it were like a class you graduate into.

Marriage isn’t something you graduate into or graduate from. It’s the one ‘course’ in which you’re forever learning. Going from grace to grace, strength to strength and glory to glory

I remember each birthday thinking he would change and with his change would come a proposal. I wasn’t looking at myself and what I needed to do to become a worthy partner and I certainly wasn’t thinking about how unready he was. Ready or not I wanted us to head down the aisle. What a disaster that would have been. I just wanted to tick the ‘get married’ off my list and I thought in doing so, I would get some ‘I deserve some accolade’, some privileges and of course he would see things better and become a better man. I thought marriage would make him grown.

Ladies, if he is not grown, by a certain time in your relationship, marriage won’t necessarily make him grown either!

Can you imagine, two broken and dysfunctional people, who thought they were completely functional heading down the aisle to create more dysfunctional children and legacies!!


Dear you,

If you’re thinking about adding things to your Bucket list, let them be:
1. Travelling
2. Building friendships and non romantic relationship
3. Developing yourself (spiritually, financially, socially and academically)
4. Developing your career
5. Hey why not read a book, better yet WRITE ONE!!!!

Marriage isn’t an end point, or an end goal.

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