Do you equate to flowers?

Yes flowers are nice and the positive connotation they give, but THEY DO NOT EQUATE TO YOUR VALUE

Love isn’t a thing you buy

It doesn’t matter how many bags and shoes he buys you, if he doesn’t sacrificially love you, put your needs before his and want the best for you even if it means ending the relationship, then it’s not the right kind of love.

A poor father’s daughter still knows her father loves her whether he buys her a pencil or a Gucci prom dress.

Yes, love is an action displayed, but it’s more than that.

I remember when I would eagerly await my birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas even Easter, for a present, just so that he could have ‘an opportunity’ to present to me a gift and I would feel loved!


Dear you,

Please know you are worth more than a pair of shoes, a channel brooch, a bag and definitely more than flowers, chocolates and cinema tickets! If you think about it, it’s laughable.

Someone doesn’t ‘make you happy’, love you as you deserve and then suddenly buys you something, whispers something in your ear and you’re supposed to come running ….ohhh please, you’re not a puppy!!

Value yourself and remember you were worth dying for.


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