It’s funny…now

I walked out into the main foyer area with my 8 week old in my arms and before I even had a chance to fix my eyes on where I wanted to go (which was usually heading straight for the door), she came running towards me.

“Ohhhh my gosh girl, when did you have a baby?” (1st question and she didn’t even ask if the baby was mine, obviously she knew.

“Girl when did you have a baby?” (2nd Questions, this should tell you, me and this lady are not friends like that)

“When did you get married, I didn’t know” (3rd question

As my mother would say, “BUSY BODY”

Now as I continued smiling, well actually grinding teeth for what seemed like days, I thought about the 2 options I had:

1) let her think I was actually married and start some lie of a story


2) tell her I wasn’t married and then take it from there

Clearly, option 1 was the easiest and would save time, especially as this lady was already beginning to irritate me. She was doing the usual making baby googy eyes with the baby and at some point she opened her arms for what was either her wanting the baby to jump into her arms or for me to pass her the baby.

Neither happened

I smiled and went with option 2 as I wiped the dribble from my baby’s mouth.

“I’m not married, she 8 weeks now”

“Ohhh wow”, she said, with what was the most confused face I had ever seen. Like seriously, surely she knew it was biologically possible to get pregnant without marriage and it was even spiritually possible to get pregnant whilst still being a virgin (Aunty Mary), so why was her confused plus sarcastic expression pretending like she couldn’t understand

She fully well know the deal and she judged me, but it’s cool….

“You look good anyway” – what the heck does that mean! Clearly I didn’t say that to her, but it was definitely a thought.

I continued smiling.

Congratulations, she said grudgingly, – Obviously I didn’t deserve a congratulations. Congratulations were only meant for mothers who had actually got married before having children, not unwed sinful mothers.

Some people can be so insensitive, clueless, obvious, rude and the list goes on. But you must constantly remember where your sounding board comes from, who you are listening to and who’s opinions matter!

Dear you,
As you read my story, I hope you laughed a little as I did. The beauty of writing stories or recounting memories from the past, is that they should give you a sort of new perspective, a sort of edge that is more based on gratitude than pain. Don’t worry about what people say or what they don’t say. It has very little bearing on who you are, what you’re going through and what the outcome will be.
Keep smiling and walking forward
I can’t help but thank God that I don’t look like what I’ve been through, I am an overcomer and my past is exactly that, past.
So please as you go through whatever might be your wilderness, remember it won’t last long before joy comes in the morning and when it does you too will have your own story to tell and you will smile. Remember you don’t need the words of man to affirm you, to confirm you, to reassure you. Gods Word is enough.


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