Sister Friends

I wish I took friendship more seriously. I wish I held dear the art of friendship and sisterhood

One minute I had a variety of ‘friends’, – the sisterfriends, the bestie, the ‘I’m having a party do you want to come friend’, gist friend, career friends, church friends, cousin & family friends, the ‘I went to school with friends’ and the list goes on

SUDDENLY, I found myself in a situation and I was on my own

I hadn’t really made friendship an intentional part of my life, it was sort of just always there

SUDDENLY, I found myself unable to go out, unable to RSVP ‘yes’ to invitations, unable to pick up calls and soon the invitations stopped coming

I really shouldn’t have cared, because my hands were full being a single mum. But I did care and although, I had this joyous bubbly little angel, I felt alone everyday

Isn’t that the irony of life. People can have others around and still feel lonely


Dear you

Values those you hold ever so dear to you. Those who matter and make life that much extra special and interesting. Be intentional about who you place in your life, how you treat them, what you do and never be the friend who doesn’t make an effort or at least tries to.


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