Walk Away

Wait for it….yep you guessed it, this is one of those – “boy bye” episodes!!! Grab some hot chocolate and relax!

Why is it sometimes so difficult to walk away from things, people, relationships that are bad for us mentally, physically and emotionally?

I still ask myself this question, why didn’t I just leave, was it really that hard! Surely, I should have just said “boy bye”? Right, well I didn’t! Not until a few major life changing hiccups!

Ever been in that situation, and it’s just NOT WORKING. Whichever way you turn, whichever way you spin it, however you pray, however you think, , whoever you talk about it with, it’s JUST NOT WORKING!

Yep, that was me!

Surely wisdom should have told me to let it go, let him go and move on, but nope I didn’t! Why don’t people just leave when they’re in bad relationships???? 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

Sometimes it’s just not that easy,

Sometimes you’re scared about what ‘different’ will look like,

Sometimes you don’t think you will know how to start or where to begin from again,

Sometimes you don’t love yourself enough

Sometimes you just don’t know how, who, when, where, why, what

Sometimes you think you’ve invested so much time effort energy and sometime even money, that moving on would be wrenching!!!!

How can you just walk away! But you need to, you’re peace of mind and sanity are not for sale!!!

If you’re in that situation or know someone, then the advice you can give them is to ask them to question Gods love for them. Basically, why would God send His Son to die for you only for you to come and live an average life and have an unfulfilling relationship!?

I pray that you will be able to love yourself, value yourself and the love God has for you. You deserve so much better.

Oil and water don’t mix neither does light and darkness.

Soon someone will come into your life and make you realise why it never worked out with anyone else.

God is not stupid, neither does He sleep or slumber!

Your matter is not closed!!!!

Dear You,

Are in a relationship where any of the above makes sense to you, or you can relate to it. Maybe you’re in a relationship right now and you’re trying to figure out whether its right for you. Maybe you’re not entirely happy or something just isn’t working, something just isn’t right…??

Here are 7 things to do to make it easier to start the process of walking away
1. Start to picture in your mind, what a great relationship could look like. Start to think about if you had a ‘magic wand’, what would you like your relationship to look like
2. Write down 2 things you like about yourself everyday (it doesn’t matter how silly or how small.) For example, I like my finger nails or I like my shoulders or even I like my house
3. Find where there are good relationships, find out who has them and break all privacy rules by talking to them, asking questions, find relationship mentors and don’t be afraid to ask how they did it
4. Find a scripture in the bible that you can hold onto and pray that scripture every morning and every night (for a list of scriptures, please read post next week)
5. Talk to someone. Someone you can trust, that will tell you the truth and that has no attachment to you or the person you’re in a relationship with
6. Ask the Holy Spirit for help. Remember He is your ever present help, your standby, your comforter, your friend, your peace giver, your joy deliverer, your uber (lol), lawyer, advocate, strengthener, confidant, your everything 
7. Find a hobby, a new pastime, something you look forward to doing and engaging in. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something you’re good at and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something so exciting and cool. It could be reading watching a series, going to the movies, painting. Find a cooking class, better yet, set up a group of your own and invite others

It starts with just one day! One idea, one thought. Don’t stay still you’re not a tree. Do get in touch if this is you or someone you know. You’re worth too much to be mediocre or unhappy!

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