About Me

Letters2Me started in 2017 with the hope of helping women across the globe to build their lives one step at a time.

With the hope of reaching out to women who, although may have fallen, are ready to stand up and see their lives as bright stars.

I understand that life at times may throw stones, which are challenging and painful, but you are bigger than every stone!!

I want to empower women to rise after falling and remind them that they are able to use those stones as steps to go forward and as building blocks to be better.


About Temidayo Olusola

I’m in the process of self-discovery, but for now;

  • I’m 30 something
  • I’m unapologetically a Christ lover
  • I’m brown-sugar skinned
  • I’m bae to someone special
  • I’m a mother of nations
  • I’m a friend, sister, daughter, and cousin
  • I’m passionate about people
  • I’m an encourager
  • I’m passionate about development
  • I’m passionate about HR
  • I’m unwillingly having to learn about PlayStation and electronic gaming
  • I’m re-learning my spellings and year 1 maths
  • I’m a believer – Africa will be great again
  • I’m preparing to be all He has called me to be
  • I’m learning crying is okay
  • I’m never a victim
  • I’m learning to laugh at myself
  • I’m learning and failing, but always rising

And one more thing, I’m a biscuit lover! 

Want to know more, read my letters and or get in touch with me