Letters2Me@25 brings you some of the letters and quick notes / thoughts I had during my mid to late twenties. Ohhh gosh I thought I knew it all and if someone had spoken to me at that time, I probably would not have taken it all in. Not that I was proud or anything, but I had gotten into this state of, ‘me and God’ against the world. Imagine, little me, putting myself in the same line with God……

Ohh thank God for wisdom.

Join me on this journey as I travel down memory lane and I hope with what I share I am able to bless you and cause you to think. Perhaps you’re in your late twenties now, listen to that inner voice. Perhaps you’re much older or younger, I hope its a good read and you just might be able to relate.

For a few weeks (each week) I will upload a new short letter.



Value yourself

Relationship Deal Breakers 

Sister Friends