#move (30.11.17)

This week’s WD (weekly devotional) is taken from Deuteronomy 1:6 NKJV

“The LORD our God spoke to us in Horeb, saying: ‘You have dwelt long enough at this mountain.”

Heavenly Father, I ask that we go into Your word today, you help us to realize the importance of seeking You for any movement and then acting on what You say.

Pick up your bag and move, leave! Is it that simple? Of course not, it’s difficult, it requires a strength and courage that you probably haven’t mustered up before. Most importantly it requires the backing of the Holy Spirit.

The children of Israel had been moving around under the leadership of Moses. At one point Moses addressed Israel and explained/ reminded them that God had said, they had stayed where they were for too long and it was time to pick up their things and move on. Moses went on to tell them that God had set up a place for them for them to occupy.

Now imagine how they were feeling. They were tired, they had been moving around quite a bit, they were probably hungry and thirsty and we all know the children of Israel did complain quite a bit! However, Moses was reminding them that God has a special place for them!!! A better place than where they were currently.

They had stayed long enough at that mountain.

What mountain is in your life that you just need to move past? Are you waiting for God to crush your mountain so you can move?

What has God been telling you to do? Has He told you to pick up your things and move on? Has He told you to change career paths, to change your environment, change your friends? Has He been telling you to change your attitude, your approach to something. Has He told you to move away from that relationship?

God wants you to occupy the place He has set up for you. The place He promised you. He really does want to give it to you. But you have to go, pick up your feet and move to where it is.

Yes, there are miracles that drop in our laps so to speak, but there are also miracles that require us to demonstrate a love for Christ in terms of our faith and trust in Him. Most importantly trusting in the fact that He that promised is faithful.

Ask God to increase your faith. Ask God to help you believe. Ask the Holy Spirit to grant you grace, strength and courage to move forward and occupy. It’s not easy, but it would be a shame not to see what is on the other side, the awesomeness He has promised you.

He has something for you, will you stretch out to receive it?

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